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Sunday May 11, 2014

John 13:33-35Christ-like love is secure.Christ-like love is supportive.

Sunday Apr 27, 2014

John 20:19-31 (NIV)Jesus tells Thomas he believes because he sees, but blessed are those who believe without seeing

Thursday Apr 24, 2014

John 20:11-16 (NIV)

Wednesday Apr 23, 2014

John 20 (NIV)

Wednesday Apr 23, 2014

Luke 19:28-40 (NIV)

Sunday Apr 06, 2014

Philippians 3:4-11 (NIV)What is the difference between being religious and knowing God?How can we come to know God today?

Sunday Mar 30, 2014

John 10:22-30 (NIV) We are Christ's Flock He knows us by name We listen to His voice We follow Him No one can take Him away from us

Sunday Mar 23, 2014

Acts 9:1-20 (NIV)Discover the authority of Paul's, who wrote two-thirds of the New Testament, teachings.

Sunday Mar 16, 2014

Luke 15:11-32 (NIV)The story of the prodigal son and how it applies to us today.

Sunday Mar 09, 2014

Isaiah 55:1-7 (NIV)Depend on the resources of God to stand firm to your spiritual values

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